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Frequently Asked Questions...

how to connect the power on wire to my kenwood amplifier using a genuine car stereo that have no amp power on?

am planning to connect my kenwood amplifier to the genuine car stereo and i found a speakers level input in my amplifier (Kenwood KAC-749S) but i still have to find a way to connect the power on lead ?

Best Answer...



First question do you have a 2 Power supply radio?
Red Fused and switched,
Yellow No Fuse and Permanent.
With only 1 Earth?
If so, and most are now (coded) then the best you will do is to insert a 4 pin Relay
The relay pins are normally marked as 30 85 86 87.
Red power wire between the fuse and radio connects to 30
Earth connects to 87
New power supply wire (Fused) connects to 86
Wire from Amp connect to 87.
Amp Earth connects to good ground
If you mount the Relay in the Dash remember to leave the In-Line Fuse where you can get to it.
This will mean that your Amp will turn On/Off with your ignition .
Before the 2nd Power supply became common you could have inserted the Relay pin 30 on the earth wire and left the Amp turned on and it would turn On/Off with the radio.

Andy C